Extract the richest B2B data into your tech stack

Use to your advantage,  MaaOS's fully-loaded suite of applications to reach your buyers faster.

Complete B2B and B2C profiles

Custom build your Lead List

Use AI to call 100,000 leads an hour

Stop Losing money on wasted ad clicks, and unanswered social ads

Sample Data

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B2B and B2C Data Included

Our B2B and B2C Lead Profiles are built with high precision and extreme accuracy.

B2B Data Attribute

- Business Name

- Owner Name

- Industry

- Decision Makers Contact

- Contact Phone number

- Contact Email

- Address

- City

- Zip

- State

- Average Revenue

- Years in Business


- Website

- Number of Locations

- Social Media Profiles

- First Name

- Last Name

- Relatives 

- Relatives Contact

- Associates

- Associates Contact

- Mobile Phone number(s)

- LandLine(s)

- Contact Email(s)

- Address

- Birthday

- Address

- Previous Address

- Rent

- Married?

- Property Owner

- Business Owner

B2C Data Attribute

Additional Data to enrich your Lead Profile

Why are we different?

We provide high quality leads, phone numbers, email lists, and other data for your business, coupled with a powerful CRM. Our Assistive bot acts as a interactive AI Dialer, call and messaging center, leaving up to 100,000 voicemails an hour 

Step One

Fill out your Database Filter form, for MaaOS to provide the best recommended leads!

Step Two

Program your AI Dialer to begin leaving impressions. Reach new clients by using MaaOS's tools to call up to 100,000 leads an hour

Step Three

 After you select which leads to reach, build custom workflows to automatically trigger Emails, SMS, and Calendar Events!

Step Four

Receive return calls and automatically schedule new video and phone appointments on your calendar!


Target Generic Lead Lists or Specific Targets!

Target Businesses and Customers based on 

- Region or Location




- Industry

   - Retail (B2C)

   - Wholesale (B2B)

   - Service

   - Repair

   - Manufacturing / Distribution


    - Docter

    - Realtor

    - Mortgage Broker

    - Banker

    - Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

    - Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

    - Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

    - Chief Operating Officer (COO)

    - Nurse

    - Government Employees

10s of Thousands of Professions and industries!

Use a Wide or Narrow Audiences

Total Design

What Our Clients Say

Found my alternative to Facebook ads! I've been using MaaS to purchase targeted leads the last few months and have great results! Their A.I. to call all of your new leads is one of the best features around!

Deena Levies,